Flamenco Flygirls and Funky Duende: NYC’s Caramelo Finds the Flamenco Soul of the City.

Flamenco. It’s not about performing; it’s about distilling life’s passion, pain, and love into a single ornament, into one potent gesture. From kitchens to street corners, it’s at its most powerful when it entwines with life in cities like Sevilla, Spain.

And cities like New York, home of Caramelo, a crew of top musicians and flamenco dancers with a shared love of soulful R&B, alt rock, and hot Latin grooves. On their critically acclaimed debut album Ride, Sara Erde’s sensuous bilingual purr and the gorgeous, gritty voice of flamenco singer Alfonso Cid grace the band’s urbane hooks, unexpected instruments, and ear-candy songwriting.

Caramelo revels in a New-World sound and vision for old-school duende, the spirit of expression and energy that drives flamenco at its best. This streets-meets-Sevilla soul sells out premier New York venues such as Drom and (Le) Poisson Rouge. Caramelo’s stage show, led by the band's funky corps of lithe, vibrant dancers is an electrifying theatrical experience bursting with life and passion. Caramelo is Urban Gypsy Soul.

Caramelo is Jed Miley (flamenco/electric guitars), Sara Erde, Isabel del Día, Xianix Barrera (vocals/dance), Mireya Ramos (vocals/violin), Alfonso Cid (cante/flute), Jose Moreno (cante/percussion/dance), Vladimir Shvets (accordion), Sean Kupisz (bass), and Joshua Castillo (drums). For more information, please visit Caramelo’s Rock Paper Scissors PR page: